Nonviolent beauty

So can there be any nonviolent forms of fashion? Educator William Coperthwaite was not a supporter of fashion and a mode of consumption, but in his book A Handmade Life, (2007) he may give us a lead on what nonviolent forms of beauty could be;

“If we are ever to develop a nonviolent society, we must eliminate violence on our concept of beauty. A Louis XIV chair and a Shaker chair are not equally beautiful. One was created by a violent, tyrannical way of life, the other by a peaceful and cooperative community that made fair treatment of all people a basic precept—so that the person making the Shaker chair and the one using it received equal respect. […] Here’s a yardstick: That which deprives another cannot be beautiful. Nonviolent beauty–beauty contained in nonmaterial things, such as a way of life, learning, relationships with others–cannot be stolen and us unlikely to produce envy. These forms of beauty are among those unusual riches that impoverish no one, that can be given away and make everyone richer.” (Coperthwaite 2007: 26ff)