For over two decades, SelfPassage has been an archive of explorations on how fashion can be used for empowerment, self-development, and personal as well as collective growth. It has been a site challenging fashion as a phenomenon of decrees and coercive anxiety, to instead see fashion as a means for inner exploration and collective action.

The aim has always been to tune the powers of fashion towards positive personal and social conditions for the Everyperson to grow to their full potential in an energetic sense of aliveness.

But now, the procession moves on, the shouting is over.

Pushed to the limits, after over two decades, the archive of Otto von Busch’s artistic research in fashion has reached sabbath. It has been a pleasure to share the many journeys across the years.

From now on, we must seek the secrets of style within. Fashion is of the underworld; to see ourselves now, as we never have seen.